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Help us with start-up project

Help us with start-up project


Our food, medicine, air and water need to come from healthy ecosystems, and tropical rainforests provide us with a large percentage of all of these. A robust local biodiversity provides ecosystem services like nutrient transfer and pollution breakdown that spread across the entire planet. Habitat protection anywhere benefits life everywhere. Protecting diverse habitats is essential to our global ecological health. The Conservation Action Fund allows Trust to provide all threatened species and ecosystems no matter how great or small.

The project started in the rainforests of Ecuador and will continue in other countries. We have simple goal and simple things always work great.

How do we plan to achieve it? Our aim is to buy a piece of area of Ecuadorian rainforest. As the next step, we want to ask the government of Ecuador for protection of the area.

As it would become private, other companies would not be allowed to destroy it any further.

The time of chaining ourselves to trees has ended. We use lawyers.


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