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Within our try to raise public awareness in the area of rainforest protection and also as a way of thanks to our partners, we made it possible for you to put your logo on our main website page as a way to make your contributions more visible. This page is available for a limited number of partners. However, there is also the section Partnership on our website – with the possibility to add a short article about your company beside your logo.

General partner

The section on our main website page is designated for our General partners who must meet certain conditions. To become our General partner you must donate the amount of 7 000 USD minimum per month, which is 84 000 USD per year.
The logo will be placed on the page after the first 6 months of donations or immediately after the minimum year donation (the logo will be visible for the following 12 months). It is also necessary to write a marketing text (the length of the next is not limited) and provide us with your logo.
The logo will be displayed on the page in a neutral color. General partners are present on all our promotional materials, both printed and electronic ones.

Gold partner

To become a Gold partner, it is necessary to donate 12 000 USD minimum per year. This donation may be provided at once or monthly. This gives our Gold partners not only the feeling of doing the right thing, but also gives them the right to be promoted in our Partnership section by having their logo placed there. They can also put our logo on their websites. Gold partners may be present on our promotional materials.


Any company or individual can become our partner. The condition they must meet is the donation of 6 000 USD minimum per year.
The donation may be provided at once or paid in irregular amounts (e.g. monthly). Partners get the opportunity to have their logo or name placed in our Partnership section.

How to apply

If you wish to become one of our partners, contact Radim who will provide you with all necessary information and will guide you through the partnership process. We also wish to proclaim that we do not discriminate any of the business or industry fields – anyone can become our partner, be it a company or an individual.

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