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The One Tree Foundation was established in 2018 as a reaction to similarly working and usually senseless organizations. The idea to start this initiative came a year before, on our business trip to Ecuador, where we, rather accidentally, visited regions that are severely burdened by agriculture and oil extraction. The we saw there made us change our worldview.

We are not ecologists. Our team consists of a graphic designer and a photographer with management skills in one person, a manager, and more. As you can see, these lines of work seem to have little in common with the protection of nature. We’ve always had quite good pay and never donated a bit to the protection of the environment. We saw no reason in that. Everything works just fine in Europe and ecology issues have always been associated with hippies and students, rather than with business.

And what is more, the constant and systematic emotional pressure of ecologic organizations, such as Greenpeace for instance, had put us on the other side of the argument. Although we could have had acted more or less ecologically, we felt disgusted by these organizations behavior and nothing was sacred to us back then.

However, after a few months spent in Ecuador, we realized a thing or two: the basic principles, such as “this is the planet we grew up on” and “this place gave us our wealth, let’s repay it somehow”. We do believe that there are many people like us. We also believe that we can create a capital large enough to stop the of rainforests. Their business potential lies elsewhere than just in timber and oil production. And what is more, we are able to produce resources in other ways than by destroying everything that can’t be renewed again.

Try joining us. Go there and see it on your own. The world is not just black and white.



We were trying to find a way to protect rainforests by using our business know-how. We believe we have found the solution and want to use it in practice.


We want to stop the of rainforests through purchasing the endangered area. As the next step, we want to protect: either by ourselves, or by joining the area with already existing reservations.


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