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Support of External Projects


As a part of our activity, we also other similar foundations and initiatives. We understand that it is not possible to fund everything on your own, thus it is possible to apply for our financial support. Each project is being evaluated individually according to its merit. We do not wish to support pressure activism, strikes etc. as we perceive these as a waste of resources and efforts.
If you wish to our external projects, you must trust us with our choice of supported organizations. We will keep you updated with detailed information such cooperation on our blog, and will also supervise the fulfillment of the cooperation.
Your donation will be deposited into a separate account and will be provided to the supported initiative only after a successful approval of their application.

We the following projects

The Rainforests of the World
Rainforests are not located in Ecuador only, they can be found all around the equator. Indonesia, Russia, Australia and many more places. With your help, we are ready to a sustainable system of protection of the rainforests all around the globe.

The Protection and Restoration of Biotopes
Not only the rainforests need our help — there are many other biotopes that must be protected!

Information Campaigns on Sensible and Rational Protection of Nature
We all efforts trying to spread awareness negative ecological footprint and the possibilities to decrease it, with clear information based on facts.

Other Projects
The projects that have not been named yet and that somehow relate to our cause.

The application for our can be found in the section. We also actively seek for projects that we find appropriate for our cause and contact their operative on our own.

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